Your Very Own Brainwave-Controlled Cat Ears!

Saw these for sale yesterday at Loft in Shibuya!

Ever wish you could telegraph your feelings as easily as Mr. Bigglesworth? Well, now you can, with these furrific NecoMimi brainwave-controlled cat ears!

Spot a gorgeous guy whose skin is too good to be true or a hot babe in a goth kimono? The ears perk up! Zoning out during Japanese class, while watching the math channel, or on a blind date with a girl in a giant doll costume? The ears droop. Wondering whether to go out for a nice bowl of intestine soup or order in a fish egg mayo & potato pizza? The ears wiggle!

Electrodes on your forehead and ear detect the brainwaves connected with your emotions and the ears move according to your mood. Originally they only came in white, but now you can rock them in brown, black or leopard spots, as well as switching out the ears for a wicked pair of devil horns!

Now NecoMimi comes in Minky Brown, Jungle Leopard, Obsidian Black and Devilish Horns!

If you’d like to visit the Loft store in Shibuya the next time you’re in Tokyo, a map is on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery seriespublished by Penguin/Intermix.

Published by Penguin/Intermix