November 03


Cat Humiliation: Certain Karmic Retribution

Think carefully before you commit crimes in this life, or in your next life you may be reborn as a cat with an owner who…

…dresses you as a Goth-Lolcat

…draws on your face and takes pictures when you are drunk/asleep.

…makes you wear a wig

…dresses you like a Less Dignified Animal.

…knits sweaters out of yarn too hideous for human gifting

All photos from the Japanese cat magazine Neko.

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, now out for the first time in paperback

More Nightshade book goodness here, in case you think you might want to, you know, read it or something

A young woman is found dead in an abandoned car, with a pair of strangers old enough to be her parents. Their suicide note apologizes for a disaster that hasn’t yet happened. And someone is stalking the…read more

…or watch the book trailer (0:52)