August 15


Daruma, Please Bring Me A Pony

Forget Santa – in Japan, Daruma is the go-to guy when you really want to see some action on getting your heart’s desire. These rotund papier maché saints are modeled on the itinerant monk who founded Zen Buddhism in Japan. Darumas are always painted with big staring eyes – supposedly he meditated for nine straight years without blinking – but in the case of wish-making Darumas, the eyes are left blank. That’s so you can color in one when you make a wish, then color in the other when your dream comes true.

I can attest to the strength of this roly poly guy – below is the Daruma whose eye I colored in back when my agent started to pitch my Only In Tokyo mystery series to publishers…

…and here’s what Daruma delivered yesterday!

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo Mystery Series.