I Wonder If They Make One With Demon Faces…

At first I couldn’t figure out WHAT this item in the Tokyo Hands baking section was.

Shelf paper? Sponges of Overwhelming Cuteness?

Then I looked closer and realized…they’re non-stick baking sheets for making cake rolls! But, since this is JAPAN and no amount of effort is too great for expressing seasonal exuberance, these have patterns printed on them so you can squeeze different batter colors onto the design and end up with sponge cakes that look like Boys’ Day carp or plum blossoms or jack o’ lanterns! Next year I’m going to check this department to see if they have special kits for some of the minor holidays. For example, little horned oni demons for Setsubun

I admit I was pretty tempted to buy one of these, until I looked at the instructions and realized mine would probably end up being appropriate only for celebrating Blob Season.

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