April 24

Most Useful Japanese Grammar Ever.

Finally, a Japanese lesson tailored to my linguistic needs! At school the other day, we learned how to say…

I decided to make some tempura, so I put a big vat of oil on the stove. Suddenly, IT CAUGHT FIRE! Help! Help! Thinking quickly, I poured copious amounts of water on it! OH NO! That just made it worse!

So, I guess I won’t have tempura tonight. What about…a nice nabe hotpot? I threw in everything in my refrigerator, but for some mysterious reason, it was…TERRIBLE. So I added some salt. Oops, too salty. I added some sugar. Oops, too sweet. More salt! More sugar! EWWW, DISGUSTING! Everything I tried, just made it worse.

Now that’s a piece of grammar I can use pretty much every day.

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