Always Carry Your Washcloth, Your Pink Chat Ad Tissues, and a Yardstick

If you’re going to be out and about in Tokyo, be sure you have the necessary equipment for visiting public bathrooms. A washcloth is a necessity for drying your hands, since paper towels are few and far between. You also need a pack of the tissues that are pressed into your hand outside nearly every train station by scouts eager to recruit workers for slightly shady purposes, since toilet paper is not constitutionally guaranteed. And apparently, you also need a yardstick in order to properly measure off the right amount of toilet paper for sanitizing the seat before it touches your delicate nether regions.

Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo

A young woman dressed as a Gothic Lolita is found dead in a car with two strangers. But the more Yumi Hata learns about her friend’s death, the more she’s convinced it was murder…read more