Mask Inserted In Nose Of Not Seeing

“Pit Stopper supports your comfortable life. Mask inserted in nose of not seeing.”

How can you enjoy the mandatory public drinking parties of cherry blossom season when they take place amid clouds of misery-inducing pollen? Nose Mask Pit to the rescue! Forget what your mother told you never to do, and poke one of these ingenious little devices firmly up each nostril. They’re a lot more comfortable than the Legos you tried that with as a child, plus they claim to catch 99% of the pollen that would otherwise be making your life a living hell. Plus, they don’t make you look like a bank robber.

If you prefer a disposable model, try these little dandies. They look like nose bras but claim to be invisible when worn. Six allergy-busting C-cups to a pack!

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