January 30


Tribute Nails

What better way to say “X-Japan fangirl” than with this finger bondage nail design?

It’s a good thing voice recognition has been perfected, in case you need to do any keyboarding after installing your new Yoshiki tribute nails. This month, Kera magazine’s how-to pages have moved on from eyelid gluing to instructions for festooning your very own digits in top visual kei style with jewels, glitter and chains.

Gackt, former vocalist of ur-JGoth band Malice Mizer, Final Fantasy VII character and all-around Famous Beautiful Person was the inspiration for these fleur-de-licious confections.

Guitarist hyde of L’Arc-en-Ciel might have a hard time axing around the stage in these beauties, but what they lack in practicality they more than make up for in sheer rococo blingitude.

Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery seriespublished by Penguin/Intermix.

Published by Penguin/Intermix