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Help! I’m On The Subway And I’m Gonna Hurl!

In America, stomach remedies are usually accompanied by the image of someone who ate too much. In Japan, the need is greatest among those who overindulged at last night’s office drinking party, and those who periodically have to take life-altering exams.

That’s why this popular intestinal anguish remedy comes in two sizes: one for adults and one for elementary/middle school students. On February 1-3, kids vying to enter select middle schools and high schools will take the grueling exams that put them on the path to fame and fortune or doom them to a life of tedious toiling. The exam is given only once a year. If you’re sick, too bad. This over-the-counter remedy “Stoppa” claims to work aggressively fast to keep you from doing anything you might not want to do in the middle of a test. Or on a crowded subway train.

Jonelle Patrick is the author of  four novels set in Tokyo

A young woman dressed as a Gothic Lolita is found dead in a car with two strangers. But the more Yumi Hata learns about her friend’s death, the more she’s convinced it was murder…read more


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Writing mystery books set in Tokyo is mostly what I do, but I also blog about the odd stuff I see every day in Japan. I'm a graduate of Stanford University and the Sendagaya Japanese Institute in Tokyo, and a member of the International Thriller Writers, the Mystery Writers of America, and Sisters In Crime. When I'm not in Tokyo, I live in San Francisco. I also host a travel site called The Tokyo Guide I Wish I'd Had, so if you're headed to Japan and want to check out the places I take my friends when they're in town, take a look!

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  1. I saw this same ad today on the Tokyo Metro and thought it was worthy of taking a picture and sharing with my friends. I really enjoy reading your blog, being an American in Tokyo, or as I like to call it… Planet Tokyo!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad we found each other!

      And HAR, Planet Tokyo. It made me smile, thinking of both of us on separate trains, examining that ad and searching our denshi jishos for the kanji that turns out to mean “diarrhea.” At least I hope you had to look it up – would hate to think you were already familiar with it >_<

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