I’ll Have the Eel Sundae with Pepper and a Cherry on Top

Yep, it’s actually eel-flavored ice cream. With a handy packet of sanshō pepper on top for your take-out dining pleasure! At the Cup Ice Store you can buy individual servings of this and many other flavors that at best might be described as…interesting.

India Curry Ice Cream: naan extra

Beer ice cream: gives “hit me with another cold one” a whole new meaning

Does a double dip of Wasabi + Squid = ice cream sashimi?

Eight tentacles-worth of octopus-flavored goodness

It’s okay to eat dessert first with this yakisoba noodle flavored treat

Don’t breathe a sigh of relief quite yet, vegetarians: for you, there’s eggplant.

If you’d like to visit the Cup Ice Store (in the Namco Namja Town Gyoza Stadium) in Ikebukuro the next time you’re in Tokyo, directions and a map are on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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