December 12

The Design-Your-Own Underwear Store

Upstairs at Body Wild are the readymade styles, including this seasonal favorite, the Christmas Cake

Can’t find that perfect pair of electric blue briefs with a bear bandit pocket in back? Fortunately, all is not lost! You can mix and match your own at the Body Wild store in Harajuku and they’ll whip up your one-of-a-kind undies on demand.

Mix and match the pocket and waistband styles

My friend Adam ponders the possibilities

First, pick your color.

You can pull samples from the wall display…

…or use the handy design computer to choose the pocket design and waistband.

Special promo Hello Kitty pocket options!

Update: Sadly, the Body Wild store in Harajuku closed since I published this post! ( ; _ ; ) You can still buy Body Wild underwear at Men’s 109, but they don’t let you design your own there.

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