Which Of These Guys Would Be YOUR Dream Date?

Last night I turned on the TV and was instantly entertained by this dating show, which asks unsuspecting foreign men to pick their dream girl from the three alluring choices on the video screens. What they don’t tell them is that the contestants are GUYS.

Yes, this show pits teams of Japanese men dressed quite convincingly as women against each other, with the goal of all five members being chosen for a “date” before the other teams.

Each team selects a member to go mano a mano against the other crossdressing sirens.

The hapless foreigner thinks he’s died and gone to heaven! Which of these three winsome beauties will he choose?

He makes his choice! “Why did you choose her?” asks the spokesmodel. “It was her sparkly eyes and beautiful lips,” he explains.

Hilarity ensues as the hopeful bachelor is informed that he just picked a guy in a skirt as his date.

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