October 31


Philosopher X Tagger

This is one of the most beautiful stylings of kanji I’ve ever seen. I discovered this little plastic-bagged note taped to a girder in a back alley in Shibuya, amid scores of more mundane spraypaint romaji tags.

Apparently, “Secoraba” is the author of a series of such postings. I found a translation of another such note on the blog, inside the contraption. The one on that site was translated by the blogger to read:

Things that will greatly change your life
lie all over the city
You must be vigilant
Or you will never
find them
                                          – Secoraba
This one says (please correct me if I’m wrong!):
My true self
I can see clearly,
As nobody else can
But if I knew everything in the world
(the good and the bad)
I could not live
                                          – Secoraba

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