Midnight Mess

Me, La Carmina and Yukiro outside Club Marz in Shinjuku

Saturday night I went to the monthly Goth party at Club Marz and met up with famed author/journalist/TV host La Carmina, who was filming a segment for NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV. The fabulous outfits and makeup of everybody there – especially La Carmina and Yukiro – are always a visual treat.

And the entertainment did not disappoint. I’m trying (and failing) to imagine this mix at an American live house:

A goth-metal band fronted by a guy in an admiral’s uniform

Diva Selia singing baroque opera

A lone dude on synthesizer who managed to sound like an entire band by himself, accompanying two fire-wielding belly dancers.

If you want to go to a Midnight Mess the next time you’re in Tokyo, dates & ticket info are here.

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