Alternative Universe Krispy Kreme

Don’t tell me you’ve never tried a Muscat Jelly doughnut?! This is only one of the “seasonal summer flavors” on offer here in Tokyo right now. Strangely, the jelly wasn’t a filling, like it would be in an American doughnut – apparently the “jelly” was in the frosting, which was indeed rather more gelatinous than regular glaze.

Muscat grape is a common flavor here, in the land where even soft drinks specify which variety of fruit they’re made from. None of that “if it’s purple, it must be grape” – people are really attuned to the differences between green muscat grapes and purple kyohō grapes, so it’s common for snack foods to color and label the products accordingly. In the past week, I’ve seen White Peach Fanta, Sudachi Soda (sudachi is a kind of citrus grown in Okinawa), and Junsui Apple Juice. Not to mention the Grapefruit Jelly and Peach Jelly doughnuts that rounded out the Krispy Kreme summer trifecta!

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