Black Rage Of Satan Pizza & Other Delicacies

Our “Black Rage of Satan” pizza

Um, that would be “brand” as in “home on the range,” not as in “Louis Vuitton,” in case you were wondering which kanji character was used for the “Jesus Brand Cheesecake” on the dessert menu at the Christon Café. This Catholic/Goth theme restaurant is all about gargoyles, stained glass, Virgin Mary statues, crucifixes and “Witch Girl” cocktails roiling with dry ice.

My friend Ayumi and I ordered “Chef’s Choice Cheese Plate With The Bible Toast” which turned out to be cheese and crackers (hmm, was it really saltines that were showered upon the Chosen People?) and “Black Rage of Satan” pizza. Our server tried to warn us that the pizza was, er, “spicy” but we assured her we could handle it. I mean seriously, I grew up drenching burritos in hot sauce, how bad could it be?

Yikes. We found out. The black crust wasn’t charred, it was pepper.

If you’d like to visit the Christon Café in Shinjuku the next time you’re in Tokyo, directions and more pictures are on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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