Published by Penguin/Intermix

Published by Penguin/Intermix

First in an all-new series of mysteries that could happen only in Tokyo…

Tokyo Detective Kenji Nakamura thinks the bodies discovered by a priest at the local shrine look like a group suicide…until he sees the victim sprawled in the back of the late-model Lexus. Why would a young woman dressed like a doll kill herself with a man and woman old enough to be her parents?

The next day, Kenji finds his childhood friend Yumi Hata camped in the police station lobby, insisting she has evidence her friend didn’t commit suicide – she was murdered.

The clock is ticking as the killer’s trail leads them through Tokyo’s underground clubs, fashion cult bars and shadowy suicide websites, trying to stop the killer before the next victim is targeted…

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Average Amazon reader review: 4.7 stars


“I really love these books set in Tokyo…Perfect for a weekend of doing nothing but reading.” –I Can’t Stop Reading review

“Made me want to visit Japan…” –Amazon reader review (BP)

“If you’re even remotely interested in modern Japanese society and culture, it’s not to be missed. The story itself is easily as enjoyable as any best seller in the genre, but where the author really shines is her description of modern day Tokyo.” –Libboo review (Julie Adams)

“…It’s a great story well-told and expertly written, the kind of book where you are so immersed that you forget that the characters aren’t real people that you actually know. …My only complaint about the book is that it ended.” –Amazon reader review (Linda Castellani)

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And guess what? Nightshade, Fallen Angel & Idolmaker will be released by a new publisher in paperback for the first time, in early 2016! So if you don’t read ebooks, stay tuned for a chance to curl up with your very own traditional version of this Tokyo mystery series…

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