ColonPage March 31

Oh No. Do I Really Want To Want To Smell Like A…?

…when you see it…  ( ゚д゚)! • Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix.

SecretFeat March 28

The Best SECRET Cherry Blossom Spots In Tokyo!

Cherry blossoms and crowds go together like long bathroom lines and hanami parties, but at these secret Tokyo spots, you can enjoy the pinkness without getting trampled, even at peak season! Here are my favorite places: • MONZEN-NAKACHO Best time to go: It’s uncrowded all the time (weekend days are busiest), but I like it best when […]

Or really fling every convention to the wind, and change the length too. March 25

New Type Kimono: Maximum Princess

Your typical Japanese clubhussy might be happy to see kimono-wearing go the way of ballroom dancing and tea ceremony, but a growing number of hip young women are adopting the techniques of alt fashion subcultures to breathe new life into old-skool clothes. Kimono hime lovers flaunt convention with a mash-up of vintage patterns, non-trad color combos and Western accessories to spawn a style that is utterly new, yet still utterly Japanese. […]

TokyotripHomepage3D March 21

365 Days Of Fun Stuff To Do In Tokyo!

Hey, if you know anyone who’s planning a trip to Tokyo, I just finished putting together a new website with all the special festivals & events & secret local stuff that it’s hard to find out about unless you live here! These are my favorite things to do when friends come to town, with links to info, […]

Even more want-worthy than baby penguin rice balls, and I never thought I'd say that. March 20

Suica Penguins For Lunch!

Yes, I admit it: the reason I have a Suica train pass rather than a PASMO is that that Suica penguin mascot is SO SO SO CUTE. And guess what? I just discovered that we penguin-o-philes don’t have to be satisfied with the occasional squee! when we go through the train turnstile – now we can have Suica Penguins for […]

RedUndiesScared March 13

Sexy Red Undies Opposite Day

So, there’s this street in Tokyo I’ve written about before that’s known as the “Grandma & Grandpa’s Harajuku” because it’s where all the oldsters go to stock up on the latest elderly comforts and fashions. My favorite store on Koshinzuka Street is the “Red Underpants” shop, which specializes in many, many, MANY styles of lucky red underwear […]

SleepingBagYore March 05

Sleeping Bags Of Yore

At first I thought this was some kind of wacky winter kimono from prehistoric, pre-Patagonia days, but no: it’s actually a futon built for two! This fancy sleeping bag was actually used by courtesans when they entertained their customers in Yoshiwara! Back in the day, plenty of men wealthy enough to buy opulent mummy bags for their paramours frequented the pleasure quarters, even though it […]


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