PepperCoffeeFeat February 10

Pink Pepper Milk Coffee

In case a shot of caffeine isn’t quite enough to get you going in the morning… (If you’re braver than I am, you can find it this month at your nearest Precious Coffee Moments shop.) Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix.

SnowAquariumFeat February 06

Snow Aquarium

Because what do snow and tropical fish have in common? They both make killer themes for a bar! Yes, this aquarium has a bar (because Japan). Usually it’s called the Coral Bar, but until mid-April, the same artists who brought you Flowers By Naked have worked their projection mapping magic on Shinagawa’s Aqua Park, and transformed the place into a winter wonderland. With, […]

TOP VIEW February 04

Every Japanese Room I’ve Ever Lived In

If I were Queen Of The World, there would be a Japanese Complaints Choir* and they would sing about this. If anyone’s ever invented a more feeble excuse for a heating/cooling unit than the ones that supposedly make buildings in Japan habitable by humans, I never want to see it. And while we’re complaining (because you’re totally nodding […]

"Flowers Of The Cosmos" by Fumiko Nakayama January 28

Epic Japanese Quilt Show

Let me just say right up front that this quilt show exceeded expectations in every way. Something I really love about Japan is that Art-With-A-Captial-A is defined so generously, and artists whose work requires many years of mastering the technical parts of making it are not dismissed as “craftsmen” but given full respect. And when that happens, you […]

Okay, they don't LOOK too bad... January 26

In Which We Try Those Wicked-Looking Chocolate Covered French Fries

  Aieeee, it’s true! McDonald’s is selling chocolate covered french fries in Tokyo! These are so clearly a frontrunner for the All Flavors Of Nope Award, I feel I must selflessly step up and take one for the team… Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix.  

YokaiFoxesFeat January 20

The Angry Fox Ghost Vending Machine!

I thought I’d reached the highest level of gacha-gacha nirvana when I discovered the Angry Cat Ghost vending machine last year, but yesterday walking through what I’d previously thought of as the ninth-circle-of-hell Shinagawa station, I spied these: YOKAI FOXES! As you can see, they come in six, count ’em SIX, fabulous colors, three with lucky messenger-of-the-gods markings. And yeah, as you […]

Hostly favorite DAD brought gold and silver twinklemobiles, completely paved with crystals... January 16

Bling ALL The Rides

Q. What’s got four wheels and sparkles and can totally give you ear damage? A. The cars on display at Tokyo Auto Salon, of course! Yes, there’s a gigantic car show dedicated to over-the-top blingmobiles. Sure, there were plenty of ho-hum cars there too, but it’s the lowered, skirted, spoilered, rhinestoned-encrusted, flame-covered, subwoofer-blasting eye candy that everyone pays good money […]


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