TradVending copy October 20

Ye Olde Vending Machines

In the cosmic battle between epic thirst and historic preservation, these vending machines make a heroic effort to deliver the goods in stealth mode. Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix.

LadyLibertyFeat October 16

The Statue Of Too Much Liberty

These have got to be the most awesome gacha-gacha vending machine snags of all time! These little plastic figures depict Lady Liberty morphing into “Too-Free Goddess” and assuming unseemly poses! But forget trying to blackmail her with threats to tweet her indiscretions far and wide – there are already stop-action videos up on YouTube… For even more weirdness, there are videos that go with […]

Even the streets were lined with pink lanterns as far as the eye could see. October 13

Festival Of 10,000 Lanterns

  Every once in a while, Japan so wildly exceeds expectations, it’s hard to put it into words, so I’ll just show you pictures of last night’s Oeshiki Ikegami festival instead. Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix. Special thanks go to Tokyobling’s Blog, where I learned about this fantastic […]

My first clue this wasn't a regular doughnut was that funny little pesto-tomato hat on top. October 11

Spicy Tomato Filled Doughnuts?

Aieeeee, when I saw this on the menu at Krispy Kreme, I knew I’d have to strap on my Try Anything Once Cojones and take one for the team! So I bit into it and it was…odd. Not bad, exactly, but it definitely didn’t trigger the usual Step Away From That Bag O’Doughnuts warning sirens either. The doughnutty part […]

Super Pooman not only demonstrates the pinnacle of poo pulchiritude by being banana-like in color and shape, he imparts essential information about color, size and shape so you can analyze your own. October 05

An Afternoon At The Poo Museum

Poo rules at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation! Their current special exhibit tells you everything you always wanted to know about that most human and unmentionable of subjects, and it’s helpfully narrated by a series of talking toilets. You can even don a poo hat and flush yourself down the giant toilet slide to follow […]

BodyFragrance1 October 03

Do I Smell Like A Grapefruit Yet?

Seriously! According to the package, this “Body Fragrance” confection “aromatizes body with a sweet fragrance.” I imagined it to be kind of like eating raw garlic – except your skin is supposed to exude the attractive aroma of grapefruit instead of making everyone in the train hastily change seats – but I’ve been popping these candies like, well, candy, and I can’t tell if […]

KuroBurger2 September 30

Yes, Even The Cheese Is Black

I finally tried Burger King Japan’s most recent all-black, all-the-time burger offering, and OMG please don’t look now, but I wolfed it down in record time. It looks pretty weird (especially the BLACK CHEESE) but the taste was I-think-I’d-better-have-another-in-the-interest-of-science good. Bun, cheese and sauce are all flavored with bamboo charcoal and squid ink – two things I’d normally avoid like the […]


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