The grand dame of Tokyo temples, Senso-ji September 01

Diva In The Spotlight: Asakusa At Night

Asakusa is always entertaining by day, but it’s totally stunning at night. From theatrically lit temples to glittering reflections on the Sumida River, this neighborhood never disappoints. Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix. If you’d like to visit the Asakusa neighborhood the next time you’re in Tokyo, more […]

At the Kurasaki restaurant in Nagasaki, you can get a giant whale nugget to go. August 30

How To Eat A Whale

Okay, first of all: Yes, I have, and no, it was awful. (Whale is not a taste I plan to acquire anytime soon – or even in this lifetime – even if tortured with red-hot pincers.) But regardless of whether you think people should eat whale, don’t you kind of wonder HOW they eat whale? I mean, a whale is […]

HostDecorFeatured August 24

Inside Tokyo’s Wildest Host Clubs

Turn down the lights, hire a bunch of cute hosts, and keep the drinks coming, and it shouldn’t matter what your club looks like, right? Actually, no. Designing host clubs is a lot like designing casinos and supermarkets – if you want to inspire women to spend money like water, you better make sure you have a bunch of these: […]

How many reps to conquer those crow's feet? August 21

Hardcore Workout Equipment…For Your Face

Getting yourself a righteously small face has always been prized in Japan, but having a face that just oozes buffness is apparently the new Holy Grail Of Pulchritude. Behold the dizzying array of exercise devices for your head, all designed to shape and tone your visage into a model of curvaceous (and unwrinkled) youth. Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only […]

AjisaiPurpLace August 19

Gorgeous Japanese Hydrangeas = Summertime!

  Remember those big white snowball-y bushes that bloomed next to Grandma’s porch all summer long? Believe it or not, those everyday flowers were where they started hybridizing to get these fancypants. Some temples in Japan have whole hillsides covered with so many varieties of hydrangea, you can’t count them. Here are a few:     Jonelle Patrick is the author of […]

CharcoalCookieSM August 18

What Cookie Is Black And White And Not The Flavor You Think It Is?

  Ooo, that square one on the bottom – gourmet Oreo, right? Heh heh heh, only if you’re ready to discover that the chocolate cookie bits have been enhanced by a scoop of bamboo charcoal and the cream filling tastes of gouda cheese with a hint of non-canonical truffle salt… Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In […]

...and your goodwife, Jane. August 05

Meet The John & Jane Doe Of Japan

So, you know how Everycountry has an Everyman and Everywoman? Well, in Japan, its… Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix.


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